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Madras checks

100% cotton woven fabrics

Madras check fabric is a modern trend used to make tops, skirts, trousers, golf clothing, and children's clothes. These fabrics come in plaids, seersucker, and patchwork. Madras check patchwork fabrics are created by cutting into strips many madras plaid fabrics and stitching them in squares jointly.

Formerly used in South India as plain clothing, the fabric has produced a history of fashion. It has been used for blouses, shoes, home furnishings, and more. As global designers began using it to advance their Western wear collections, the fabric also gained international popularity.

pillow covers

Other available fabrics

Dobby- A strategic diagonal weave with a gentle hand and flowing drape feature a Dobby fabric.

Seersucker- The quintessential warm-weather fabric known for its crinkled texture and carefree consistency is Seersucker.

Twill - Twill is a flexible fabric weave, one that is typically seen every day, the weave is distinguished by its diagonal lines which, in the warp threads, are produced by an offset.

Drill- A piece of sturdy cotton fabric is woven with a diagonal pattern most often used for producing khakis. It is also used in shirts, jackets for safari, trainers, military uniforms, and chef coats

Satin- Satin is a lightweight, sensitive textile that hangs well. It looks shimmery and is slippery.

Linen- very slight flexibility, linen is a medium-weight fabric that makes it unsafe for wrinkles.

Chambray- Chambray is a lightweight fabric, but it does not drape as well as voile or lawn cotton.


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